EZ Web Page Solutions

Small Business Website Solutions     

     1) Dependable, Quality Work & Business Practices

 2) Premium Search Engine Expertise

 3) Affordable Annual, Or Quarterly Payment Options

 4) Updates & Continuing Promo Work

 5) Website / Advertising Packages Available

 6) We Operate Several Domains, That Will Benefit YOU !  


Typical small business benefits from being on the Internet :

  • 24/7/365 advertisement & information source for your business.

  • Informational only sites are very valuable assets ; You don't have to sell your product online to benefit from being online.

  • Taking advantage of search engines to make your business information available from many different "avenues".


Check Out These Small Biz Websites:

Typical 1st Year Cost $399.00

Typical Annual Cost $299.00

  * Website / Advertising Combo Pkg :

$ 595.00 / yr

 (Costs exclude separate domain names & hosting, if needed)


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      Please ask our customers about our :

  • Quick, dependable service

  • Personal interest in your success on the Internet

  • Superior search engine work & results

  • Attention to detail

  • Attentiveness to your needs 



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