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We're About Training, Loving, & Leading Your Canine Friend ...

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Dog Training :


Dog Behavior & Psychology :

  • The Pack (Family) Principles

  • Your Dog Wants To Please You

  • Your Dog Wants You In Charge

  • Your Dog Wants Respect & Love

  • Dogs "Feel, Think, & Know" LOTS !

I can train any dog, and all dogs ... And teaching you HOW & WHY is my desired goal !

    You will see quickly that I can train your dog. Your success depends entirely upon you. I guarantee that I will do my best to teach you how to train as effectively as I do. You will quickly see & experience this as well.

The Psychology of Fido :

     Dog training starts with your basic obedience regimen... things that make you the leader, and your relationship with your dog more predictable, controllable, safer, and more like a family. Psychology refers to the opening up of the whole new world of  "understanding" dogs. This affords the dog owner insights into training, problem solving, and achieving deeper relationships with their canine friends. It affords the dog a greater opportunity for more love, respect, and a place in the family that is dear to all. I have been a dog lover, in a big way, all my life, but when I began to learn the "psychology" side of dogs, it was a truly wonderful thing for me, and my dogs I believe. A big part of this training business is a desire to impart some of this knowledge to dog owners, for the benefit of the owner and the dog.

Philosophy :

     For most people, including myself, dogs first bring to mind pleasure, love, fun, etc. We all love and enjoy these things about having our pet dogs. There is a serious side to dog care &  training also. This is the fact that most often, a trained dog is truly a "part of the family", and lives a safer, more humane life. My desire to work with dogs & their owners has a great deal to do with hoping to improve the relationship between human and dog, for BOTH party's best interests. I believe that we can learn much from our dogs, if we are open to that possibility. I enjoy, and am blessed by, a mutually beneficial & loving relationship with my dogs, and sincerely desire for others to have this.

     As a dog lover for many years, I've often thought of training. In the last few years that desire, combined with study & hands on experience, resulted in starting this business. I believe that dogs offer man a taste of a "pure" love,  of a God-like love... just one of the many ways we are blessed by having canine friends. I also feel strongly that we should return such a wonderful blessing by treating dogs with the best we have to offer. Your dog will be treated with the respect & love that every creature of God deserves. This does NOT mean they are un-disciplined, spoiled, or "in charge". That's what dog training is all about.

    I offer 90 minute interactive dog  Training Services, in your home. I think it's the best place to train & teach, especially for problem behavior solving. I work with you and your dog to accomplish your goals, and improve your relationship.

    I also offer specific help for behavioral problems ... as a consultant, or on-site. Basic training principles and information has much to do with success in these cases. Behavior problems can be addressed anywhere in the world, by using my  "Off-Site" Services. The only limitations are language, and if you have telephone & e-mail access. I have addressed dog behavior problems for folks outside the USA several times. 

   The local "on-site" service area generally includes: Winnsboro / Wood County, Texas ; Tyler / Smith County, Texas and the surrounding northeast Texas area.

   Thank you for visiting. Check out our Training Services  page, and please call or email for more information, or to make a training appointment.

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This business is dedicated to the 2 of the most wonderful dogs ever, "Bo-Bo" & "Lil' Sister". You can see & learn more about them by visiting my Big Elk Mountain Farms website, or by checking out our Doggie Websites page.

* If you are not in this area, and I can't help you in person, I offer OFF-SITE TRAINING SUPPORT & MATERIALS




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Dog Training & The Psychology of  Fido
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